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1.8-19mm Tempered Glass Manufacturer Laminated Glass Price

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    Processed Glass/Tempered Glass

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    Safety Wooden Crates or Plywood Crates Packing.

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    clear,blue,green,grey,bronze,black,pink etc.

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    Rider Glass

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    Maximum size: 3600*18000mmmm*mm




Tempered glass is produced by heating annealed glass in a furnace to 6209C. Progressing from the furnace, the glass is rapidly cooled with iets of cold air, inducing compressive stresses to the surface while the center remains tensile. The result is fully tempered glass 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness.

Rider's fully tempered glass offers customers the following safety characteristics;

l 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness.

l stronger resistance to thermal breakage than annealed or heat-strengehened glass.

l IF breakage occurs,the glass breaks up into small,cubical feagments,which are not threatening to humans.

Ideal for areas with high wind loads and areas where human contact is an important consideration Rider's tempered glass is the perfect option for architects who must meet building codes and safety requirements. Moreover, it is the only glass strong enough to withstand high levels of thermal stress, a common reason for breakage in building facade glazing units (see table below). These safety features also make it an exemplary choice for automotive applications. Guaranteeing quality, Rider applies heat soak testing ti all of its tempered glass before packaging and loading. It is available in all of Rider's standard float thicknesses and sizes.

Commercial applications:


Frameless facades




Residential applications:

Frameless doors

Shower enclosures

table tops and furniture

Fireplace enclosures


Laminated glassconsists of two or more glass panels that are laminated together by an elastic and tear-resistant film, usually are EVA ,PVB and SGP film.It finds widly applications in the construction industry, architecture and interior design.We can laminate different kings, colors and thickness of glass depending of the client demands and specifications. The interior film can be transparent, opaque, colored or with a special function.

The maximum dimensions can up to 1800mm X 3800mm and 2500mm X 4500mm at special conditions.

Bent laminated glass and laminated glass combined with tempered glass (for even greater strength and security) also are available in our company.

Two or more layers of clear float glass "sandwiched" together with a clear PVB interlayer, laminated glass is the one glass that reconciles the aesthetic benefits of glass with a genuine concern for safety; offering superior protection against glass breakage, as well as harmful solar rays and hazardous noise levels.

Due to the adhesive properties of the PVB, Rider takes careful precautions to prevent unwanted particles from attaching to the PVB during the adhesion process.


Rider Glass’ advantage

We manufacture a wide range of glass to meet your different demands: Clear Float glass, Tinted glass, Stained glass, Laminated glass, Mirror glass, Aluminum mirror, Silver mirror, Reflective glass, Online coated glass, Patterned glass, Figured glass, Wired glass, Colored glass, Tempered glass, Toughened glass, Safety glass, Shower doors glass, Emulsificated glass, Acid-etched glass, Obscure glass, Sandblasted glass, Solar glass, Ultra clear low iron glass, Low-E glass, Obscure glass, Glass block, Glass brick, Picture frame in different colors and sizes.

27 years' manufacturing experience.

Six production lines to make sure of on time delivery, products will be shipped out within 15 days after deposit or L/C.

Rider Glass ensures that you will receive the exact high quality glass you want at the most competitive prices.

All the products are manufactured according to AUSTRALIA AS/NZS 2208 and CE certificate, to make sure of perfect quality.

Dockside warehousing in 3 of China’s top 5 container ports ensures convenient loading and rapid delivery of Rider Glass.

Wide assortment of colors and customization options make it even easier to make all your glass purchasing decisions from one supplier. 

We give each customer personalized, professional, and dedicated service.

From order to delivery to after sales service, our devoted team of experienced sales

professionals is always available to give prompt replies and service.

No matter the requirement, at Rider Glass we are always at your service.




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